Pressure washing and exterior cleaning

Dan Frazer Gardening carries out high quality cleaning throughout the year.

  • Black / green / yellow / orange staining from mould and algae?
  • Delicate sandstone that can’t be jet washed?
  • Stubborn lichen?
  • Slippery decking?


Soft washing (chemical cleaning) –

All stonework and wood can be cleaned with a proper treatment. Ideal for fragile stonework, old/weak pointing, sandstone, decking etc.

There are numerous methods that we employ depending on the surface. Algae, lichen, mould and organic staining will be dissolved using either an instant treatment, or a cheaper long term treatment that protects the surfaces for up to a year.

Softwash Glasgow, Lenzie, Bishopbriggs

House walls, whether rendered, roughcast or stone, can be treated with a combination of softwash cleanser and biocide to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned up and kept clean long term. We only use professional equipment and materials. A quality job is guaranteed.


Pressure washing –

We use a commercial 4000psi washer with a selection of nozzles when pressure washing driveways and other surfaces. The work is always carried out safely and to the highest standard. Monoblock driveways will have new dried sand brushed back in where required.