Ready for winter in Bishopbriggs – lawn treatments to suit

Many of the lawns I look after have been completely transformed from what they used to be like. The key to a successful lawn plan is to build on the improvements each season, and don’t just do the same thing over and over again.

This Bishopbriggs lawn is a good example. I took it on this season and you can see how much better it is. Weeds have all but been eradicated, mossĀ is completely clear, the thatch is drastically reduced and the grass itself has flourished.

Bishopbriggs lawn treatment

Going into this winter it has had the correct products applied to prepare it for the cold weather, to resist being frozen over and over and to remain grassy and not be overrun with moss. 2020 will see me develop the feed regime and adjust the ratio of nutrients. This can be done because I apply a true custom range of products to each different lawn I look after (something which most other lawn firms are unable, or unwilling, to do). I also time the applications of treatments as best as I can to allow for weather and lawn conditions.

In this lawn, weeds will be spot treated, the grass will be encouraged to root deeper, grow tough and dark green and NOT excessively fast. I’ll be asking the customer to mow the lawn shorter which will help keep thatch to a minimum, along with using the right products (if your lawn firm keeps telling you to mow longer, this is often a sign they are not in control of thatch and moss and simply want to cover it up with long grass).

I’ll post further updates through 2020.

Lawn treatment in Lenzie