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Grass cutting in Lenzie

A fresh approach in Lenzie

The business has now moved base to Lenzie and as a result we are happy to visit new customers in the area and reduce our diesel footprint! All lawn care / grass cutting, garden maintenance, hedge cutting and maintenance work is available.

First impressions are that there are a LOT of trees in the village! Our own home now has large trees in the garden and they’ll be carefully maintained to keep them healthy and looking good. Some areas of Lenzie are designated “Town Preservation Areas” with blanket Tree Preservation Orders in effect so any work has to be carefully planned and carried out to satisfy the council.

Many of the gardens are laid on clay soil which has it’s own set of problems. Our clients have asked us to carry out lawn care to help their gardens look better. Tasks such as top dressing and seasonal lawn feed. There are lots of garden jobs we can do as well as grass cutting in Lenzie.

We have also picked up work in Woodilee Village, where many of the new gardens are built on top of a thin layer of sub soil. Clients call with problems such as yellow grass, poor plant growth and stony lawns. Many of these issues can be improved with a little and often approach, involving a weekly or fortnightly visit that allows us to not only keep on top of the basic tasks but also spend some time on those extras that make a big difference. Typical new gardens consist of a grass lawn bordered by a fence. We can plan and prepare some nice borders, plant a suitable combination of trees, shrubs, bulbs and smaller plants and make sure the conditions are kept fertile and conducive to a flourishing garden.

Of course, keeping good relations with your neighbours is important. We always carry out a professional visit and consider parking, noise and other mess that could occur with the use of strimmers/blowers to avoid any complaints from those living next door.